4 Website Design Tips

Aug 04 2014

Website design is one of the most crucial factors that make or break a website. There are many things involved in website design such as colors, fonts, images among others.

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The object of a website is to make money. Here are are a few tips to help you do that.

Since website design holds a lot of importance, it is extremely important for you to make sure it is crafted properly to attract visitors and generate revenue. A bad website design is always displeasing and makes visitors exit the site before they can enter it whereas a good website design always pays off well.

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While there are several things involved in website design, there are four essential tips that you must always keep in mind when it comes to the design of your website. These include:


Any website without a logo looks unprofessional, irrespective of whatever the aim of the website is. You must always have a well polished and professional logo and display it on the main page of your site. The logo defines your brand and thus ensures that it is prominently displayed on the site. When it comes to logos, using high-resolution images is important. Moreover, you should always make sure that you place the logo on the upper left hand side of the header.

Don’t Clutter

In order to make their website stand out, people make the mistake of adding too much on their site including images, fonts and colors. A website that is visually overloaded is always unappealing. Thus, never make the mistake of adding a variety of fonts that are hard to read and understand or colors that don’t go well together (using white on a light grey background is always a bad idea). Use fonts that are clear to understand and colors that make your website easily readable.

Strategic Use of Colors

According to many web design experts, using colors strategically can make or break a website. Choose a neutral palette to make your site look modern, clean and classy. Using small dashes of colors for say graphics and headlines can really help your visitors distinguish between content that is important and therefore grab their attention.

Use High Quality Images

Another important factor that is often neglected when it comes to sites is the use of high quality images. Using high quality images attract audiences and tend to grab their interest instantaneously. A tip experts recommend is to invest in professional photography to make your site stand out from the crowd.

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SEO Techniques For A Better Business

Aug 04 2014

Every business should have SEO as their growth strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps in finding methods to increase your website’s traffic by increasing its presence on search engines. With the help of SEO, you will get more traffic on your website.  This information was collected from a consultant who works at SEO Ft Lauderdale called Website Rescue.  The company was founded by two internet pioneers named Tim and Charles.

SEO is not all basic. It involves many complex techniques that restructure your website in order to comply with SEO terms. However, for starters, knowing the following tips and techniques will be of great assistance.

What’s Your Position?

What is your position on search standings? You will not be able to know if your search engine optimization efforts are working unless or until you look at your search standings. You can monitor where you stand by tools such as Alexa and Google Toolbar.

You should also check your referrer log in order to track where your website visitors are coming from. This should be done regularly as it will help you in knowing not just where your visitors are coming from but also the search terms that they use in order to find your website.

Link Backing Yourself

The most basic and important SEO strategy is to link back yourself. Link backing is a slightly tricky domain but quite basic still and it is an extremely effective way of boosting traffic to individual website pages.

You should link back visitors to your archives more often every time you create new content. However, focus on the quality of links and not the quantity. You should also make sure that your links are appropriate and don’t use excessive back linking.

Avoid Using Flash

Flash looks good but it does not do anything for search engine optimization. In order to get the best SEO results, use Flash and Ajax moderately in order to get the best SEO results.

Link Others

Another thing you should not neglect doing is to link to others. This is an extremely effective way of getting more (and direct) traffic on your website. According to PC World, you should personally ask other webmasters (of good websites) to include your link on their site. You should also be sure to return the favor in order to make sure it is a win-win situation at the end (do good, earn good).


It goes without saying that content plays a vital role in SEO. Your content should be fresh and it should be updated regularly so as to increase traffic. Moreover, you could also add your CEO’s blog on your website as it always works wonders.



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